Donate Online: New Way to Give!

You love animals.

You love helping them.

But you hate writing checks. 

Guess what? The Sacramento Area Animal Coalition (SAAC) has a new online donation system!

Now you can quickly donate online without having to dig out your checkbook (or try and remember your PayPal password).

Features and Benefits:
  • Got a soft spot for feral felines? Love the concept of Spay Day? Pick your favorite SAAC program, and feel good knowing exactly where your money is going. (There’s even a “wherever it’s needed most” option if you can’t pick just one.)
  • Help animals all year long with a recurring donation. Even just $10 a month is enough to alter two animals a year–two animals that might otherwise breed and have a litter. (That’s up to 8 puppies or kittens!)
  • Honor the animal lover in your life (makes a great birthday present).
  • Earn rewards/points/etc. (if you have that kind of credit card–check with your bank or credit union).

One thing that hasn’t changed–because SAAC is an all-volunteer organization with little overhead, 95% of every donation goes directly toward spaying and neutering animals in the Sacramento area.

Give it a try! Set up your online donation here:

And thank you for helping the animals!
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