Voucher Success Story: Gotham

The Sacramento Area Animal Coalition (SAAC) loves hearing from the people who use our low-cost spay and neuter programs. From pet lovers to feral cat trappers, the stories they tell are at times heart-warming, inspiring, and always reflective of the love so many of us feel for our animal companions. Read on for another happy tale:

We rescued Gotham from a not-so-healthy or safe environment when he was about eight weeks old. We didn’t really have the means to take in another pet, and we already had a service dog, but we couldn’t let him stay in the bad situation he was in.

I had heard about a lot of programs that help with the spay and neuter of pitbull breeds, but I tried for over a year to get on a list to qualify for one of these. The market is pretty oversaturated and it’s hard to get in, and despite trying over and over again, I never did get through.

As soon as I heard about the SAAC Voucher Program I got online to check it out. It only took me maybe 5 or 10 minutes to fill out the information required and to qualify, and I was promptly sent a notification saying that I would receive my voucher in a few days.

To complicate things, we had just moved into a new house and didn’t know the mail was not being delivered, and my voucher was one of the things to be returned to its sender. A volunteer from the voucher program contacted me to let me know it had been returned, and she actually hand-delivered it to my house the next morning to make sure I received it.

To make things even better, they provide a list of well known veterinarian offices who accept the program with the voucher. Making the appointment was smooth and easy and Gotham gets his procedure done next week. My co-pay is only $15, which is completely reasonable.

Thank you,
Michelle Saucier, Sacramento

Do you have your own success story using SAAC’s spay and neuter programs? Please send it to contact@sacanimal.org. And don’t forget to include pictures of your dog or cat!