Voucher Success Story: Louie

The Sacramento Area Animal Coalition (SAAC) loves hearing from the people who use our low-cost spay and neuter programs. Whether caring for a dog for the first time or finding room in their hearts and homes for one more cat, the stories they tell reflect the love for and dedication to animals that drives what we do here at SAAC. Read on for another happy tale:

I wanted to extend a very warm thank you for the voucher that you provided my family to help with the neutering of our puppy. My son has been asking me for a K-9 companion for some time now and due to the costs of caring for a pet, I was forced to decline for a very long time.

Despite my financial situation, a Beagle/mix puppy by the name of Louie seemed to find his way into our home and our hearts. Uncertain what to do, I began searching for financial help because I knew that it would devastate my little boy if I couldn’t find a way for Louie to remain a part of our family. I came across your website and filled out the application, submitted the required documents and waited patiently for a response. I was very surprised to find a voucher in our mailbox a short time thereafter. I immediately made the appointment.

I am so grateful for the opportunity that you have given us to be pet owners. I have never been a dog person but having Louie has changed my opinion about K-9s entirely. We love him so much and he certainly loves his humans as well. I’m glad we were able to rescue him from the young man in Davis and provide Louie with a loving forever home.

Julian and Andrea, Citrus Heights

Do you have your own success story using SAAC’s spay and neuter programs? Please send it to contact@sacanimal.org. And don’t forget to include pictures of your dog or cat!

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