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The Sacramento Area Animal Coalition (SAAC) Board of Directors is a working board--meaning board members actively do the organization's work. SAAC relies on volunteer committee members to assist with the ongoing operation of our programs. The committees described below are tasked with executing specific aspects of that work.

How they work: Committees will meet monthly, or more as deemed necessary by the committee members. Business can also be conducted via email or conference calls. Up to five non-Board member volunteers may sit on each committee, other than the Executive Committee, which consists of Board Officers. Our committee roles do not involve hands-on animal care. 

Attendance policy: Committee members must attend 75% of all committee meetings within a twelve month period to remain on the committee.

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Do you want to develop your leadership skills while saving animal live? Join the SAAC Board of Directors. Ideal candidates are proactive, self-motivated, collaborative, and tech savvy. Learn more about joining the SAAC board. 

Marketing and Fundraising Committee

Objective: Raising SAAC visibility and generating greater capacity to fund SAAC programs


  • Oversees development and implementation of a fundraising plan
  • Oversees development and implementation of a marketing/communications plan
  • Maintains brand consistency and presentation
  • Builds and maintains relationships within the community

Operations Committee

Objective: Ensuring SAAC operations are efficient in terms of using available resources and effective in terms of meeting organizational requirements and needs


  • Manages all financial activities 
  • Maintains ongoing vendor agreements, registrations for websites and domain names, and grant contracts
  • Maintains organization records and file management system
  • Orders and maintains supply inventory

Program Committee

Objective: Maintains and seeks opportunities to grow and improve all programs


  • Delivers all program services, specifically Voucher and Feral Cat Assistance Programs
  • Oversees all aspects and implementation of Spay Day
  • Manages relationships with participating veterinary clinics
  • Responds to and researches inquiries and concerns from veterinary clinics and clients
  • Runs reports on program impact, redemption rates, etc.

Executive Committee

Objective: Maintains operational effectiveness and capacity and integrity of the board


  • Oversees identification, recruitment, orientation, training and retention of board members
  • Seeks opportunities to strengthen and evolve the board’s effectiveness, capacity, composition and ability to advance the organization
  • Ensures effective board processes, structures and roles
  • Develops and implements any operations policies