Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups in the Sacramento Area

Animal Shelters

Animal shelters may take in lost or stray animals; adopt out animals; investigate animal cruelty; and provide vaccines, microchips and other services.

  • Municipal shelters are funded by and serve residents of a specific city or county.
  • Nonprofit shelters are funded through donations, grants, and adoption fees
Animal Shelters in the Sacramento Area

Rescue Groups

Rescue groups take in animals from traditional shelters or municipal facilities. They usually do not accept animals surrendered directly from the public. They are a good source of adoptable pets, especially if you are looking or a specific breed. 


Sacramento Area Rescue Groups
Breed Specific Dog Rescues in Northern California
Rabbit Rescues in Northern California
Exotic Animal Rescues in Northern California

The Sacramento Area Animal Coalition makes no representations regarding the capabilities of these organizations. This list is provided as a resource only.