Become a Participating Vet Clinic

Veterinary clinics are crucial to SAAC’s spay and neuter programs.

By participating in one or more of our low-cost programs, you and your employees can save lives by reducing the number of animals entering our shelters.

We seek veterinary clinic partnerships for the following programs:

  • Spay Day Sacramento: Provide surgeries at a deep discount during our annual event on the last Sunday in February.
  • SAAC Voucher Program: Contract with SAAC to offer surgeries at a reduced rate for qualified pet owners.
  • Feral Cat Assistance Program: Contract with SAAC to offer surgeries, vaccines, and ear tipping at a reduced rate for feral colony caregivers.

If your clinic would like to join SAAC in providing low-cost spay and neuter surgeries, please send an email to 


Thanks to our Past Spay Day Sacramento Vet Clinics!