"This is Solo, one of the 11 kittens born to three different females in the colony in our neighborhood this year. Today she received a health check, vaccinations, and was spayed with the help of a free [feral cat] spaying coupon from SAAC. Thank you!"

- Christina Bellon, Sacramento

Bowie and Louie

"Bowie and Louie are cats that were abandoned a few houses down. They are the sweetest kittens and so I decided to keep them as outdoor cats. With the help of the SAAC Voucher Program I was able to get them fixed and keep them around, with high hopes of them being wonderful mousers! Without the program these two would have ended up at the pound as I didn't want unfixed cats in my neighborhood."

- Tamra Rickman, Wilton


"Without the voucher I would've been in a lot of trouble. Chester is my pet companion and means a lot to my family and me. I really appreciate you sending me a voucher and extending it so I can get his shots first."

- Cristal Shaw, Sacramento


"Thank goodness we got assistance in getting him neutered by receiving the SAAC voucher!!!! The help made it possible to get his shots up to date as well. He's a happy young boy who loves to play!!"

- Tina Kautzman, Citrus Heights


"I am so grateful for the opportunity that you have given us to be pet owners. We love him so much and he certainly loves his humans as well. I'm glad we were able to rescue him from the young man in Davis and provide Louie with a loving forever home."

- Andrea and Julian Hadley, Citrus Heights

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"I just wanted to say how much my boyfriend and I appreciate this program. I went online and input all my information, as well as my puppy's, and to my surprise, the voucher was already in my mailbox the next day!"

- Alison Spease, Orangevale


"This is Midnight Lau and we used the voucher to have her spayed and receive a rabies shot. The SAAC really assisted us because we are on one income and a family of 4. Midnight healed very well from her surgery and we are grateful for the SAAC covering the costs."

- Jeanie Lau & Family, Citrus Heights


"This is Nameless. He is about 5 months old. And has now been neutered, thanks to your voucher program."

- Genie Flores, Citrus Heights


"We had just moved into a new house and didn't know the mail was not being delivered, and my voucher was one of the things to be returned to its sender. A volunteer from the voucher program contacted me to let me know it had been returned, and she actually hand-delivered it to my house the next morning to make sure I received it."

- Michelle Saucier, Sacramento

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"She’s everything to our family. She’s a good dog. We didn't want her to go through [pregnancy] again. Without Spay Day, we would have had to take her elsewhere and look for other resources to get her spayed."

- Jesse Sanchez, Woodland

Read Dixie's full story here.


"Spay and neuter surgery is part of being a responsible pet owner, and thanks to the SAAC Voucher Program, I was able rescue and adopt my sweet, precious Zuki. Their help providing surgery I could not otherwise afford allowed me to provide help to a pet in need of love and a home."

- Nadine W., North Highlands

Ginger and Lily

“I want to thank SAAC for providing two vouchers for Ginger and Lily to get spayed. These kittens wandered onto our property and needed to be spayed among other veterinary needs. The voucher helped my family get them the care they needed and they now have a forever home with us. These gals will not be contributing to the cat overpopulation problem thanks to SAAC.” 

- Rocel Bettencourt, Herald


“I am so excited to be part of Spay Day. You cannot beat the cost. We have taken him to get vaccinations elsewhere, and just the cost for that is three times the cost of everything you get here, which is microchip, neuter and vaccinations, so you really can’t beat it.” 

- Katie Laroe, Citrus Heights


“We wanted to get our girl spayed but couldn't afford it. I found the SACC voucher program and was able to get her spayed the next week!”

- Missy Patterson, Carmichael


I don’t want her to have babies, and I just got her not that long ago and I want her to have her shots. It’s better for her. Without Spay Day I would have to see if I could qualify for another low-income program, even if I had to drive to Sacramento.

- Noemi Ramirez, Woodland